Firefox causing BSOD!

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I am posting minidump files here:

Whenever I try to open Firefox or Wordpad, it causes BSOD. It first appear in Friday, when I update Windows 7 Proffesional with new cummulative update. After 2 days of testing for faulty memory with memtest, testing graphic card for for bad drivers, all came out with out problems, which was kind of logical because OS crashed only when I use FF or Wordpad. If I use Opera or IE, it works without problems. So I searched on google for solution and came across someones post, who had the same problem. He said it was the Font in then end, that was causing BSOD. I tried to acess Font through Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization and it gave me BSOD. I am posting this minidump because I just want to be sure that it really is Fnt that is causing me BSOD?

Ok, could someone then just suggest me how to fix Font folder without installing Windows 7 all over again?


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Sometimes running a System file check will correct basic font problems.

Open an admininstrative command prompt and type SFC /scannow

If it finds some bad system files, hopefully it will replace them.

Are you running the 32 or 64 bit Win 7? What version of Firefox gave you the problems? Sorry I can't read dump files, but I don't run a .rar utility anyway. Zipping them might be better, then you could just attach it here.

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I finally solved the problem, but not in the way you proposed, Saltgrass. Thanks for your answear anyway. My solution was:

First I inserted Windows 7 boot disk, then whent to repair windows and launch CMD. I had to do it there, because if I would be in Windows, the OS would not let me replace Font folder. Then I look for Font on the install disk, and wrote copy Font C:\Windows\Font and replace the whole folder. And now it does not crash anymore.


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Good to know you got it fixed, but we still need to know how you got in the situation in the first place.

Telling us the specifics might help others from installing software that might cause the same problems.

As I wrote in the first post it happened after update, I think it was the update for OS that had to to something with it. Of course that had to be a coincident because I installed the same update on other computer and I had no problems. I have 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. In my opinion, update probably had to do something with Fonts and when it was updating it, it somehow corrupted some Fonts, that are used in for example mozilla, wordpad etc.

I'm actually experiencing the exact same symptoms after installing SP1. If I open Firefox (3 or 4) win7 32bit crashes relatively soon (within a minute or two). If I open the fonts folder, Win7 crashes immediately.

Update drivers, re-install FF and its extensions.
Attach your crash dumps.

Drivers were up to date, installing FF 4 when FF3 crashed Windows had no effect. Deleted all fonts from the command line and then copied them back from a previous backup. So far this seems to have worked, no more crashes for the last hour or so. I wonder how common this problem is...

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