firefox or explorer 8

Now that I have win7 which came with explorer 8 and also dl'ed and installed Firefox....and they both seem to be pretty fast...I was using firefox on xp because it was faster....which on of the 2 browser would be preferred on win 7

give Chrome a try...many people on the forums swear by it.....

Chrome performs better than Firefox and IE 8. However, Firefox has all of add-ons which are great if you need them.


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The only problem I have with Chrome and Firebox is that you cannot rename the downloaded file.

How can you tell what the files or version if it;s a generic name, such as setup.exe

Ummm,, I don't have that problem.

Or maybe elaborate Reghakr?

When I go to save a file in Firefox,, I have the ability to name it anything i want before I save it. Possible that you need to check the download settings in options.


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Well, knoing me I could have missed something.;)

Could you show me thev setting or explain how it's done?

In Firefox

Tools / Options / Main / Download

Always Ask Me Where to Save Files


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But can you change the name of the downloaded file, for example Paint.Net 3.53

Can you update it and download it as paint.Net 3.355beta,zip

Yes, you can


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Excellent to know, thanks:)

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