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Windows 7 firewall blocking network discovery, file sharing,streaming options


New Member
May 6, 2009
Hi folks this is an annoying puzzle for me. I have 64bit windows home premium and the firewall blocks local network discovery and options to enable file sharing and media streaming. I am using a home network, when i go to allow a program through there is no option for file and printer service, and if in advanced security there is no inbound/outbound rules for enabling file printer sharing or media streaming.
BUT when I switch the firewall off all these problems disappear and all my network drives and pc's appear.
So do I permanently disable the firewall or is there a fix that actually works.
This is really bugging me but am I the only one with this problem? Thanks
Perhaps I am misunderstanding your situation, but File and Printer sharing is normally handled in the Network and Sharing Center using the advanced sharing settings. And they set access depending on what type of network it is designated as, Public, Private or workplace.

When you say home network, do you mean you are using Homegroups, or just a local network?

What firewall are you using? If it is the Windows firewall, the access you desire is normally setup by default after allowing it in the Advanced sharing settings.
thanks for responding, i use windows default firewall, i am set up as private rather than public network on my home network [?] i set the advanced sharing settings but they dont stick. even when i had a homegroup set. the setting will only 'stick' when the firewall is switched off which is not ideal, if it is relevent i use windows security essentials as well. thanks
I suppose since the Advanced Sharing settings basically change the settings in the firewall, maybe we should look at it.

In the Firewall Panel (wf.msc), there are Inbound and Outbound rules. So if we were to change the Network Discovery setting, it should change all the Network Discovery entries in the firewall. So, currently what do the Network Discovery entries show for the private entries and the other info in that same line. You might pick one and list the info, or use the snipping tool and take a couple of pictures so you could get the entire width of the settings. Attach the captures using the paperclip on the Advanced Replies page.

There is also a troubleshooter on the Network and Sharing Center page. Have you tried that?
hi Saltgrass yes I have tried the trouble shooter and like most of the microsoft troubleshooters they are pretty useless in my opinion. no where in the firewall have i got any settings for network discovery, that may be the issue. here is a snip of the inbound rules the outbound is empty.Link Removed Is there a way to add network discovery to the firewall? if that is the problem. I am tempted to do away with the microsoft firewall and just use the netgear router firewall for the network. what are your thoughts on that. Is this a regular issue where the discovery settings are missing or dont 'stick' when you try to apply them. the firewall seems to be the issue here. thanks for taking the time.
hi saltgrass i think i have it fixed, maybe. I imported rules from another machine and the problem seems to be fixed. I will post if that is the case or not. thanks for you efforts and interest.