Firewall's rule to allow outlook only for gmail


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My firewall is set to block all connections, just outlook is open. But in outlook there is an rss feed, and i'm trying to block it. Is there a possibility to define in the firewall's rule, that it will allow outlook to connect only to a specific IP (gmail)?



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You can allow specific programs through, you can't control what they can access. It's an all or none for an application. You may be able to build some complex rule chains, but that wouldn't be easy or you'd end up blocking other services. A cheap proxy firewall that sat between the router and modem would be the best solution. An easier solution may be to get a list of email services and add entries in your host file and redirect them to the loopback address.


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There can be multiple feeds into the RSS folder. If there is one particular feed you don't want, you can simply remove that feed. If you don't want RSS feeds of any kind in your Outlook, you can simply turn off that feature from within Outlook settings.