First newspaper front page streaker picture

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    First Newspaper Front Page Streaker Picture

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Britain's Daily Mirror was the first big-circulation newspaper internationally to picture an active streaker on its front page. Its March 18th 1974 issue showed an attractive blonde streaker called Sally pinned against a wall by a London policeman.

    Streaking - running naked from one point to another, for a dare, raising money for charity, exhibitionism, or whatever the motive - suddenly became a worldwide phenomenon in 1974. The press loved it as it gave them a ready excuse, as if they needed it, to print nude pictures and titillating stories of the streakers' escapades.

    The press cameras were at Twickenham, England, in April 1974 to capture the sight of a Australian man who dashed onto the pitch nude in front of the 53,000 fans at the England v France rugby game. The 25-year-old was probably the first known streaker at a renowned sporting event.

    First streaker at an Olympic Games was 23 year old Michael Leduc, who reportedly "cavorted nude" at the closing ceremony in Montreal 1976.

    The 500 costumed young women pretended not to see him and continued on with their dance. A Montreal newspaper quoted Leduc as saying he wanted to show the world what a beautiful body he had. The police were not amused, hoswever, and they reportedly kicked and beat the streaker as he was removed from the stadium.

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