first screen picture on boot up has gone back to default picture


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can any one help, when i boot up (packard bell iextreme) the first pic to show has gone it was a packard bell logo etc, what i have now is a acer start up screen, the window login page is ok, any help will be great as i am new here, cant get any help fom packard bell at the moment. bry.:confused:

Is that the very first splash screen when you power on you are talking about ?

Packard Bell is now owned by Acer so they have a nice new emachine/gateway/acer all-in-one program to fix it to whichever manufacturer you have. It is not released to the public and is generally only available in the repair centres.

When you power up go into the CMOS/BIOS and check the DMI information, it is probably reading as Acer (sharing a lot of the same mainboards). If you can update this to Packard Bell then you should get your picture back, or you may have to send it in for repair.


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great thanks i will have a look when at home didint relize acer took them over im sure it doesnt change the quality? ive been a dell user for 6 years and changed to packard bell first the time now .:redface:

No change in quality at all.

Acer/Packard bell/E-machines.......... all the same company now, owned by Acer.

The splash screen you get when first turning it on will have no adverse effects on your computer. Would be nice if they ensured it displayed the correct marketing name though :cool:


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yes it would be nice for a moment i thought i had been sold the wrong machine! from pc world. its a quad core intel 2 q8300 with 6 gig ram and a 1000 gb drive very quick of the mark.:)

Don't break it !

It will end up on a desk behind my right shoulder :D


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can you tell me how i get in to the settings to have a look please i have a fair idea but any more advice will be great:redface:

It will be by pressing F1, F2 or the delete key. It will tell you which key to press when you get the first POST splash screen.


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thanks i will give it ago i have been in touch with hp about the problem i had a reply lots of questions they ask i thought it would be a simple task to rectify:)

The Call Centre is far far far away from the actual Repair Centre. Poor people dont know what they are talking about :)

Acer has moved its Call Centre to India now (our people got made redundant and most of them are now technicians in the Repair Centre).

It is just a simple DMI check to determine what splash screen to display, the repair centre has the software to remedy it. Since it does not affect the functionality of your computer they will probably not want to take it in for repair unless you /rant at them a lot.

If you do get it sent in for repair then post up the case id number they give you and I may well be able to sort it for you personally :)

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