First time motherboard install help!!!

So this is the first time installing a motherboard for me. Bought a Asus p5g41-m le with an intel duo 2.2. Everything seems to start up like the CPU fan, hard drive but the monitor won't detect the onboard VGA that I have connected. Any ideas why this isn't working? I havn't even put it in the case yet so im pretty sure nothings shorted out.

Edit: Or is there a way to flash the bios from a USB stick without using a monitor or anything to go from?

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Bump. I am getting no beeps and no AI voice telling me "no VGA" so it's either ram or cpu doing something wrong. Im also sure that nothing is wrong with the motherboard or anything else I recently bought.

When working on computers make sure to us an anti ESD wrist strap. This will help avoid static electricity frying your new hardware. Can you get into your Bios? Have you loaded the drivers from the Asus mobo cd/dvd?


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Check your power supply and make sure that it is compatable with your new motherboard.
Double check the primary 20/24 pin ATX power connector as well as the additional 4/6/8 pin 12volt power connector. Make sure they are firmly seated.
Are you getting any post information from the MoBo on the monitor or nothing at all is being sent to the monitor.
You might want to beg, borrow or steal a plain old pci video card just to make sure you didn't get a new board with a bad video interface out of the box.


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You could also try powering it off fully and removing the cmos battery for 5 mins. Replace the battery and see if you post.

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