First track of ripped CDs (in .WAV format) does not display track info (in Windows Explorer)


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I ripped my personal CD collection to .WAV as I have the space and thought it was best quality. I used WMP.

Everything ripped fine... for a while, the first song of each album kept 'losing' its track information. I would use the Find Album Info feature of WMP to fix this. Track info currently displays perfect in Windows Media Player Library or when browing using Windows Media Center.

However, if I view the files in Windows Explorer, or use another program like Winamp to play the files (which i generally prefer), the first track of all my ripped CDs in WAV format has no track information, Unknown Album, title, etc... even tho' it displays fine in WMP Library.

I cannot EDIT the track in Windows Explorer, and I can't find a track editor freeware that supports .WAV.

Why? Do I need to re-rip everything in .MP3? Bizarre! This also ruins my ability to copy the files to my phone, as the first track is missing information on copy/conversion.


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What I've done is just delete the album and re-rip them from my CDs and then set the files to read-only, so hopefully they won't be updated. The re-ripped files all display track information correctly, altho' i understand that .WAV doesn't handle track info very well from doing some brief research on the Internet but... i want to use WMC full screen to browse my CDs by remote control, so its .WAV for me. Still if anyone could explain why this happened...

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