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    By year’s end, Windows 8 is going to be on every new PC around. You won’t have to use it though. Here are five ways to skip getting trapped on the Windows 8 Metro.

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    I have a sure fire way of not getting trapped on Windows 8. I refuse to buy it. If I have to ride Win 7 out till it's no longer supported so be it. I'll be just like these people who refuse to leave XP. I've tried the preview, in fact it's still on this machine, which is not my primary machine. I had it on my main system for 8 days and I gladly lost everything to get rid of it. Under the hood it seems great. But the UI is just down right awful. It's awkward on a desktop, the start screen with those big blocks is plain ugly, it's inconvenient having that mess cover my screen while I do what I'm doing with it. Full screen metro apps are a joke on a PC. It's called Windows for a reason, you can have multiple windows open and layer or tile them to your liking. And I happen to like Aero and do not want to see it removed. If I wanted that flat blah look I'd have stayed on XP. If I have to replace pieces of this computer to keep Win 7 I sure will. This Win 8 UI has no business being the default on non touch screen systems. If I wanted that Metro crap in my life I'd have bought Windows Phone, but the UI is so ugly I can't stand the thought of looking at it day in and day out. If MSFT comes to their senses and gives an option for a traditional Windows 7 UI or that Win 8 they have now, I'd buy it, but I'm not paying good money for that crap for 5 systems with that UI on there. I'm preparing this system to take it back to Windows 7 too. If in a few years it looks like this Metro insanity is the norm, then hello Linux. Anyway maybe MSFT will offer where you can upgrade back to Windows 7 if you have to buy a new PC instead of keeping the Windows 8 downgrade.


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