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Hi everyone!
i am using Windows 7 professional.
i wanted to install Linux, using unetbootin. in fact unetbootin creates a boot option and we have to choose that option to install Linux. After installation, when we boot Windows unetbootin promts to uninstall and it also removes boot option for unetbootin. I have used it in XP many times. But this was my first try with Windows 7. I removed unetbootin but this didn't remove boot option for unetbootin. i want to remove this useless option. i checked for any boot.ini file in system properties>> advanced , but could not get that. please suggest a way out.


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Do you happen to have two hard drives?

No, i have only one hard disk and it has 4 partitions.
win7 is in first partition. one out of 4 is to install Linux, i have Linux installed in that drive.


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Did you install Windows 7 first?


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I would probably fix the Windows 7 boot (maybe startup repair) and then use EasyBCD to add the Linux install to the BCD store.

If you want an idea of what might be going on, boot into Win 7 then open an administrative command window and type bcdedit. This will show the MBR and boot options. If you want, take a snipping tool picture and attach to your post.

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Did you install Windows 7 first?
may be you didn't notice, i have mentioned earlier. I had Windows 7 then i decided to install Linux.
I want to remove Unetbootin boot option from bootloader of Win7. May be i remove Win7 if not find solution. it doesn't excite me anymore.

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So, are you saying the Linux boot loadier is the option you get on startup,. not the Windows 7 Boot Manager.

Can you boot into Windows at all?

Try right-clicking on the Computer icon on the desktop, choose properties,. click Advanced System Settings,. the click the settings button under Startup and Recovery,.

Change the top drop-down box to Windows 7

you'r right. i have Linux boot manger and there is a option for Windows 7, and i have no intension to alter it.
i cheched as you suggested at Anvanced System Settings>>Startup & Recovery>>Settings>>Default Operating System.
but there is nothing, i mean there no nothing to choose, no option is available there.
in drop down there are only blanks, nothing else.

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