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Feb 21, 2009

I am currently using windows 7 RC 7000 and have been having problems with flash since day one. Whenever flash runs anything it can't get enough resources to support itself. Games/video lag and sputter (and dont even ask me about full screen video). Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so does it work better in RC 7100.

My specs on my laptop are more than adequate to run small flash programs and I can run divx movies and dvds fullscreen no problem. It is only flash. I have tried multiple versions, done installs and uninstalls all to no avail.
I got the same kind of problem, but the only difference, it's always run smooth, but I got blue screen of death sometimes while playing streaming video in full screen mode, I didn't find any solution to this yet, but it won't be too long (I hope :p), I'll keep you aware if I find something useful to know.

I have had that happen as well. Watching family guy on Hulu. I really believe it comes down to the processor... because it will be maxed out when it lags. My processor(s) should be able to handle it... Where is my 512mb video card hiding?

Try choosing Tools > Manage Addons.

Make sure it's enabled.

My version is and working just fine.

You could try InPrivate Browsing, or compatibility Mode for the website you are trying to view the animation.
It's wierd, unless you downloaded it like yesterday, I just downloaded it 2 days ago, I got, but thank, I didn't think about the easiest solution

EDIT : Are you sure you got I just can't find it, neither on Adobe web site, neither on google typing Flash player
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Yea, I got it. I try to lcate it for you

This only works on the 32-bit version;
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Yes I got the
But you told me you had doesn't exist at all
Otherwise, I don't see any other to way to do it, uninstall/reinstall doesn't work neither, I got the Windows 7 driver for my GeForce 8800 GTS, umm, what else, seriously, I don't see what I can do
My mistake on the version.

If you want to uninstall navigate to th C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash directory, and double-click on uninstall_activeX.exe
The question is not what do I have to do to uninstall it, it's why does it do the Blue Screen, I got to wait and see what's the error the blue screen give me, do you know where the blue screen logs are once you get back Windows, because I close the Troubleshotting popup when I came back in Windows, and didnt read it

If this occurs only when you are viewing in full screen and there are no other issues on your computer, I would simply view them in their native size.:)

The contents of the Blue screen are dumped to a file named memory.dmp. in the C:\windows directory.

Good luck reading it however, it's in binary format, which is not readable in any viewer that I know of.
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