Flash crashing networking

I just upgraded from Vitsa to win 7 pro.

When i visit a web site that contains flash, ie: youtube.com, espn.com; among others.

my networking adaptor will become disabled. to reenable i just use the windows troubleshooter utility and that fixes it.

i have an asus m2n-e mother board with nvidia chipset, nforce builit on networking controller.

happens with firefox, ie and chrome.

i unistalled and reinstalled flash, asus doesn't have win 7 drivers for that mobo yet.

other video applications work fine, ie vlc or windows media player.

i've upgraded vid card (geforce 9600) drivers to latest win7 drivers.

You are using 64 bit.. there is no Flash or siverlight media support for 64 bit.. you have to use IE 32 bit -- in the progam files (x86) folder. If you rename your internet explorer folder in your \program files folder and just copy over the \internet explorer folder from your program files (x86) folder, you will be tricking Win 7 64 to always call the 32 bid version of ie. Good luck in tricking other browsers because you may have to FIRST trick them into installing a 32 bit version and then get win 7 pointed to that version.

Unfortunatley im using 32 bit, any other ideas?

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