Flash for 64Bit Borwsers

Finally, I was about to lose hope !

Oops, we'll need to wait more:

This is not final yet, the next release will most likely be it.

The beta should be quite usable, good news, thanks. :)


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Oh darn. That's p'''ed in my beer. Seems to be working for most funvtions though. I havn't had any of those popups yet. (fingers crossed)


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Yes. I got the popup. Weird. I installed it, on the prompt, in IE8 64Bit that it was complete. I guess it juct downloaded it into my computer for browser 32Bit use. It is an amazing story, what is it about ten years without a flash for 64Bit. Tough on the game players who want to move on.

I have Flash 10 installed, but I keep getting a warning bar asking me to allow Adobe Flash Player Add-on to run. Even after I've clicked to "allow it to run on any web page" (several times) it still keeps coming back. Is there a solution to thsi?

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