Flash Player Installation problems

Flash Player Installation problems - solved!

I had been having problems ever since I tried to upgrade Flash PLayer when prompted on the net. I know a lot of people have problems installing Flash player so thought I'd tell you how I solved it today - everything I'd tried before from the web had not worked!

Flash Installation Problems on Vista

- Shut down anything that might be using Flash from bottom tray
- uninstall from stand-alone package (downloadable from Flash site problem page)
- then reboot
- should load up new version then when clicked on

If there are problems, check:

- Internet Options on Tools and Downloaded Program Files (settings on Browsing History and then ‘View Objects’ tab)
o If any are damaged, then they need to be deleted from Registry
o Check you get them all! Cos one left will mean problem remains!
- User Account protection is OFF!
- Run C:/Program Files/Window Resource Kits/Tools/reset_minimal.cmd (this will reset and repair flash privileges BUT WILL ONLY WORK IF USER ACCOUNT PROTECTION IS OFF!!! This program is downloadable from the Flash problem pages again, though they don’t tell you about the User Account protection thing!)
- I assume that once you’ve set it up you can switch protection back on …

Good luck! It worked for me anyway. :)

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