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Jan 28, 2009
Hi gang

Has any one had any success installing Flash player 9. I like to look at the movie previews at IMDB, and this requires you having Flash Player installed.

Did you do a clean install or an upgrade of Win 7? The most recent version of Flash from Adobe is:

I'm running both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of 7 and Flash Player is working fine for me on both.. ;) Are you getting an error when you try to install it?...

There have been some having problems with Flash in the 64-bit version of Win 7 but it should still install at least.. ;)
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No this is a fresh version, no upgrade. I will get back to you on the error.

Ok, so do you currently have any version of Flash installed? Or are you getting this error when you try to run the installer?...
I get it when I try to run the installer, I made sure I went in a got rid of all the Flash programs.

Thanx .... Gunny
No success with Flash player yet, have tried several times. It goes through the whole install like everything is going ok then at the end it says there was a problem with the install, no other explanation.

Does it give you the option to retry the installation? If so, try reinstalling it, I had to do that a couple times on one of my older rigs.. ;) After reinstalling it all was fine..
I cant tell you the # of times I have tried this. :) Each time with a few words I cant repeat inbetween. :) Such a simple thing too. I have had trouble as have a ton of other people getting this to work right even in XP. I cant tell you how many times it took to get it right in XP. Read some stuff on a site, I was not alone by any means. They have had problems with their Flash program for years.

same for me i go to you tube try to watch a vid a message comes up saying adobe flash player needs to be install , i click on link go to adobe says choose operating system windows 7 is NOT listed i tried win xp and vista version they dont work i need help! :(
Adobe Flash

Hi Fliper

I am running this Win 7 on another computer, but I have XP on my other computer and the flash program works like it should, both youtube and the movie previews at the different sites work great. It is just not working with this Win 7 version.

I can remember when I had problems getting the flash program to work right with my XP and reading a ton of posts that I was not alone, a lot of people was having the same problem. It would install and look like it was installing properly but yet it would not work. And from what I have read Adobe knew about this and was working on the problem. I guess they finally ironed out the problems and it started to work right.

I have tried installing it several times, with no success. I am having a small problem with another program, IeSpell, it sort of works. It is a spell checker. So far these are the only ones I have had problems with, using Win 7. I know some of the replies have said they are not having any problems with Adobe Flash, maybe this is just how it happens some time with Adobe. I read that same thing when I was trying to get it to work with XP. One guy summoned it up he said anything to do with Adobe is hit and miss. :)

Let me know if you find out anything.

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I installed Flash Player Active X on both 32-bit and 64-bit Win 7 RC 7100 without incident, and both are working fine. Just FYI. I'm sorry, I can't offer any suggestions other than those already given.
same for me i go to you tube try to watch a vid a message comes up saying adobe flash player needs to be install , i click on link go to adobe says choose operating system windows 7 is NOT listed i tried win xp and vista version they dont work i need help! :(

Hello there, Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

When you get the list of OS's you need to choose Windows Vista.. ;) It should install and work perfectly.. I've installed it on all 5 of my pc's (all are running Windows 7) and didn't have any problems.. I did have to install it twice on one of them though before it took.. But other than that there were no problems on any of the pc's I installed it to..

Did you do a clean install of Windows 7 or an upgrade?
Adobe Flash

Hi all

It is a clean install of Win 7. I believe I tried the Vista install, just to be sure I will try it again to be sure.


I am having the very same problem, I have tried so many times, figuring maybe it just might work one of these times. Everything I have tried with Win 7 has gone very nice so far except this one and IeSpell. The thing that throws me is it appearers to go correctly, and I reboot and everything, and go back to the same site to see if it worked and nothing happens. If it had given me some error or something then I would have something to work with, but by all appearences it should work. Frustrating.

Ya know this never ceases to amaze me, you can follow all the procedures and click on this and that, do this and that and it still don't work. A person has to believe what they are saying to do and it will work, is real, and it works for them, then why can't it be that simple than. For such a simple thing as installing Adobe Flash, and getting it to work, cannot be that difficult. I understand this, and I am not a dummy when it comes to working around a computer, mind you I am not an expert, but I do have some knowledge of a computer and have been around them since 1996.

I know I know you are saying to yourself this dummy cant even get a simple thing like this to work. We give him the best directions there is, and it is so simple to do, and it works for us. Well I guess all I can say to that is there must be a simple thing left out of some of these directions then, or something being said that does not work for all systems than. I have deleted all the things, you have mentioned, and I have installed all the things you have mentioned, and it still don't work. I have clicked on so many sites that say you must have Adobe Flash installed, and followed all the procedures, and have yet to see it work. You would think by accident it should have gone right at least one time. I Know by what I have read that Adobe is not the best place to have something work right after you install it, but still.

I too am running Flashplayer version with no problems (Windows 7 64 bit RC build (7100)). Keep in mind that this version of Flashplayer is only 32 bit so you have to run with the 32 bit version of IE8. Adobe is apparently working on a 64 bit version. I eventually gave up IE8 64 bit because of Flashplayer and settled on IE8 32 bit.
Hi Jeremy

I am running a 32 bit system. Now it is my understanding that being so if I was to try and download a 64 bit IE 8, it would not allow me too. Am I right here.?

Ok let me rephrase that, being I downloaded Win 7RC 32 bit, and IE 8 comes with it, don't it stand to reason that it too would be 32 Bit.? So if that is correct and I don't have the 64 Bit version, I should not have any problem getting Adobe Flash to work, right.?

Adobe Flashplayer not working with IE8 32 bit

All of your assumptions are correct. It looks as if you have taken all of the right steps in reinstalling the Adobe product. One suggestion would be to download and install the latest Firefox and see if Flashplayer works with that browser.
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