Flash troubles


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Hi Guys,

Is anyone having flash problems, it wont work for me? :upset:

All I get is a green screen in the flash (YouTube) box and then it locks up explorer.



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Everything is fine on my end. Have you installed the latest video drivers?


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Everything is fine on my end. Have you installed the latest video drivers?
Yes... have gone back to using 7 on main pc and put 8 on my laptop - see how that goes.


Joe S

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I'm the Windows 7 driver for my NVIDIA video card. I didn't have any problem with Windows default but wanted NVIDIA control panel to tweak display.


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I just went to the Adobe site and installed flash using IE 10 and the you tube videos seem to be normal. I am using a onboard Intel video chip.

If yours isn't working, I suppose the uninstall and reinstall process might help.

I am assuming it is the same for all videos you check?

No such problems here, either. Right bit Adobe?

When downloading "Flash" and possibly other add-ons, are y'all aware that there are different versions for I.E. and NON-I.E. browsers?

As I update Flash on my own computer, I'm always careful to get the right version.
Some add-ons also have 32 bit versions and 64 bit versions.

Even with the correct version installed, I did experience problems after an install of Flash.
It may have been something else all together, but I could only relate it to Flash.
I solved the problem by just re-installing Win-8. That seems to resolve a lot of problems.:joyous:

Since that re-install, I have re-installed Flash, Shockwave and Java, without any problems, that I can detect.
So far....so good.



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A reinstall of Win 8 CP did wonders for me as well. I suspect my original problems were due to a update of Win 8 DP to CP (I kicked myself in the butt for that one. I have always been a strong advocate for Custom (Clean) install of any new OS and I went against my own advice. Shame on me. When will I learn. Must have had a "Senior Moment" with that one. I had all kinds of very strange things happening, and they were very intermittent, just the kinds of things I have always said can come from upgrades rather than doing clean installs. Just proved what I have always said. Been running rock solid since.

I recall while Beta-testing Windows7 seemed, in general, ppl upgrading would oft have woes but, for the most part was not the case w/ clean installs... certainly true, Ted, clean is best.

As for 'Flash' issues, personally, I have experienced none.



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Flash fine here as well. Have yet to try Java. Perhaps I will try that next. I will go to the Java 7 site though. No sense monkeying around with Java 6. I'll post back after I see how it goes.

OK, I installed the Java JRE 7 64 Bit. I'll see if I have any issues with it. I believe Doc was saying he might have had some issues initially. If something other than the operator starts acting weird I'll uninstall that first to see if the problem resolves.

So far though, this OS seems pretty rock solid. At least as solid as my Win 7 is, and I have always said they would have to pry that from my cold, dead hands to get me to switch back to XP (sorry Doc).

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I've not had any Java issues, either. I used Java6. But, I have to do another install of Win8 (OMG, triple-boot). I have to install a special .ISO of 8 that we have to work on from Connect. I'll use Java7 there.


On my Win-8 install, where I thought that Flash had caused a problem, Java had not even been installed yet. Flash had been the only add on, and after that my browsers were really dragging..... slower than molasses on dry ice.

Now I'm really not in the mood for any more RE-Installs. I'm way too invested in Win-8 for that. So I'm making a new restore point before I install anything new, and a new Ghost backup, every day, just for grins and giggles. So hopefully y'all will never again here me say that I had to RE-Install Win-8 to fix some stupid problem that I've created.

One very old and very wise German once said, "we get too soon oldt und too late schmart". Amen!

Cheers Mates!
the (old) Doctor :cool:

PS: I worked on five computers today, in five hours and I'm pretty well Pooped!
One was a brand new Compaq laptop that needed my complete install.
One was a laptop, where the CD drive had quit working. I fixed that.
One was a Desktop that needed to go wireless, I did that.
Everything else was just a RE-Tune-Up, with lots of spyware to get rid of.
All in a days work. If it didn't pay so well, I'd of just stayed home.

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The latest versions of Flash can be found here, IE & non IE, as well as 64 bit for both. They are the top 4 choices.

FileHippo.com - Download Free Software

I don't install Java, for security reasons, unless needed, then promptly uninstall it. Firefox's "NoScript" option allows for Java for those sites that needs it. However, for those who needs Java, the latest versions are here.

FileHippo.com - Download Free Software


You're absolutely 100%................CORRECTOMUNDO! File Hippo ROCKS!

I get all my program updates from File Hippo and have for years. I even get their Daily Newsletter with the latest updates for many programs. But really you should not be afraid of Java. It's not a Virus, a bad cold or even a sniffle.
I've had it installed for years, with never any problems at all. It's designed to help you, not to hinder you.

I'm either famous or infamous, for saying, "A well protected computer will never get infected by any Malware".
Witness, my own PC that has had no infection for over 12 years now.
And please believe me, when I say I do go to places that Angels would fear to tread.
But I don't sit on my laurels..... I do take care, to keep my PC well protected and to update those protections daily wherever needed.

You either Maintain your computer or your computer will maintain you! Eh?

Cheers Mate!

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Java is fine for those who needs it on their computer at all times, but I don't. Because my default browser is Firefox, NoScript allows me to view the sites that requires Java.

Many users gets into trouble with Java because they auto update, not removing the old before installing the newer version. Oracle themselves recommends to uninstall the older versions first.

Why should I remove older versions of Java from my system?

While I haven't seen any documentation on it, I do the same with Flash updates. Using MyUninstaller, I remove the older version, then install the updated one from File Hippo. I get these updates daily through their File Hippo Update Checker, which I have configured to run at Startup.


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