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May 28, 2009
Flashing Windows - With video evidence

I've tried googling this, but due to the words i'm using to describe the problem, I only seem to get hits about Windows, Adobe Flash, or 7-zip.

When certain programs are running, they will flash out, and in again (as though disappearing, then reopening instantaneously) when left clicked. When the program is not in full screen, the desktop (or program behind it) will be seen before it flashes back up, or if it is in full screen, it will flash to black. When this happens, the left click is often not registered by the program. Also, most, but not all of the time when one of these 'flashes' occurs, the icon for the window, on the task bar, will do much the same: Appear to have closed, then reopen a moment later. Here, however, the icon sometimes does not come back, and will only reappear when the actual window is clicked once more.

So far, I have experienced this in -
  • Adobe Flash CS4 Professional - When creating animations/viewing animations etc.
  • Most programs which make use of 3D graphics; such as 3D games.

Any advice? :confused:

See here:
and here:

For visual evidence.
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Post updated to include video evidence of problem.

Any ideas as to the cause?

This issue seems to have been solved by turning off Aero, and using a Basic theme. <- False

As such, it seems to be a clash with Aero, but if anyone has any Ideas on getting it to work even with Aero, they would be appreciated.
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Have you tried using a different graphics driver? If it's only happening when 3D acceleration is used than it could be your gpu driver causing the problem.. ;) Which driver are you currently using and what is your gpu?
I thought of that, but it failed to help... In any case;

Card: ATI Radeon x600
Driver: Catalyst 9.1

The newer drivers, 9.1/2/3/4 fail to install.

I have tried older drivers, as far as 8.12 through 8.2 to no avail.

Also: Switching to a basic theme did 'NOT' solve the problem, it has only lessened it. The problem still intermittently arises.
Odd that the newer/newest drivers won't install.. That definitely sounds like the problem then.. ;) Unfortunately...
Was this a clean install of Win 7 or an upgrade?
Clean install.

Although, I also had this problem in the beta, in which the very latest drivers ( at the time ) 9.3 were installed...

Oddly enough, when the newer drivers attempt to install via the AMD installer, it's not the driver install that fail's, it's the installing of the installer... The reason for which is beyond me, as this happens... Through the installer.

Manually trying to install said drivers did not work either, however as Windows Knows Best, and 'The best driver software for your device is already installed'!.
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