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I have Win 8 and FileHippo Update Checker has flagged Flash player .
However, when I test both IE and non IE, both animations play as they should.
Is Update Checker wrong or should I be updating?
Thank you


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I don't use or trust those updating utilities, simply because they can install the wrong or an outdated driver/update. I manually update all my drivers/software.

You can check what version you have and compare it to the latest from Adobe website......and update as necessary.



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Hi bassfisher6522
I understand and always used to update my programs by myself. I have removed the Update checker program and thank you for that.

Adobe gives me grief for some reason.
I click on what I have which is 11.8.800.168 and compare it to the link you provided.

In my programs I see Adobe Flash Player plug in.

I run around in circles. it seems all the 8's should be 9's like 11.9.900. but I am having a hard time following their directions.
It says to remove the older version but I don't want to remove something that is part of the OS.
Any ideas would be great.


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In Win 8 IE 10 includes Flash Player and it is updated with WU. The notification might be for the separate installation of Flash on your PC. File Hippo does not flag my Flash Player which is updated by WU. I would check to see if you have some other instances of Flash installed.


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Thank you for your advice.
I removed File Hippo's Update Checker and am doing it myself as bassfisher recommended.
I did a system restore and all seems to be running well. I did the SR as my videos were not playing and it said I need to click for Java. I did but it was not working. It seems ok now.
I always appreciate a reply.

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