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Windows 7 Flickering white lines and than crash


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Jul 19, 2011

I'm having problems with my Samsung RV518 notebook running Windows 7.

Problem: When the Nvidia's graphic card driver is installed/enabled flickering horizontal white lines occur on top of icons, scrollbars and taskbar as soon as I login to windows. Some white lines persist even on the shutting down/restarting screen (blue screen with some bird on a branch). If i stay logged in for a while, computer crashes with no BSD but dump file is saved.

Dump file link: Link Removed

This dump file is a result of a such crash after a fresh Windows and factory CD drivers install, a combination that worked so far but with occasional "freezing" (everything just freezes and I have to power down the notebook via power button). I checked the event log codes for those freezes and I found somewhere that it was about the battery misreading.

Additional info:

1. I've downloaded and installed latest Nvidia drivers -> crash.
2. Tried with lower resolution-> crash.
3. Safe mode -> *works.
4. Disabled the display adapter trough device manager -> *works.
5. Didn't install drivers but let the Windows install theirs -> *works.

*works = I think it's not using Nvidia card for rendering but onboard graphics or software rendering?

These are the notebook's specifications:

Full model name: Samsung Notebook NP-RV518-S02HR
Operating System: Windows ® 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
Processor: Intel ® Pentium ™ Processor B940 (2.00 GHz, 2 MB L3 Cache)
Screen: LCD HD LED screen 15.6 inch (1366 x 768)
Graphics Processor: NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GT 520 M graphics
Memory Graphics: 512 MB DDR3
System Memory: 3 GB DDR3 system memory from 1,333 MHz (1GB x 1 + 2 GB x 1)
Memory slot: 2 DIMM slots
Storage: HDD 320 GB S-ATA Ⅱ Hard Drive (5,400 r / min)
The main chipset: Intel HM65

I would be very grateful if someone had an issue like this and knows something about it. I suspect that my gaphic card is gone :(


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1. It seems that moving windows, scrolling, hover and dropdown visual effects trigger the white lines and a crash afterwards.
2. In the meantime I learned that this is a built-in graphics card.
3. At this time I'm almost certain that this is a hardware issue.


I suppose that I can't buy and replace on-board graphics chip?

I'll keep you posted on my situation for someone having a bad day as myself.


Could I enquire as to the version of NVIDIA Drivers you are currently using?Also, could you list the steps that you used to install the drivers?Also, for further reading:
HOW I INSTALL MY NVIDIA DRIVERS:1 - Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Graphics Adapter2 - Using Driver Sweeper (link should be something like We are happy to see you at Treexy.com or Guru3D)3 - Check the boxes "NVIDIA Display" and "NVIDIA Chipset".4 - Then press Analyze and Clean5 - Reboot your computer into normal mode and download and install the latest NVIDIA drivers for your device.
Hi GeneralHiningII,

right now I'm not using NVIDIA drivers but Windows "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" driver since using NVIDIA driver crashes my computer in situations described in my last post. NVIDIA drivers that that I tried to install were original drivers from a CD that came with notebook and which always worked. Also I tried to install latest NVIDIA drivers for my graphics chip version "314.22".

The install steps were:

1. Original notebook graphics driver is installed with automatic all-in-one drivers install (and a nice one :) may I add).
2. NVIDIA-s latest drivers I installed... well... clicking on a installation archive and following the steps.

Note that drivers were installed on a fresh install of Win7, so I'm not sure that using "Driver sweeper" would mean anything.

Also, I've managed to somehow test the chip with "GPU-Z" and another program (can't remember which one exactly) paying attention not to produce the crash via problematic actions described in my last post. The result was that it crashed on some specific tests. I'm no expert but I think that it has some problems with the part which accelerates 2D graphics. My suspicion comes from the fact that in time of original crash I was having Google Chrome opened with 15+tabs open and some more programs while holding my computer on a lap what produced overheating.

I'm gonna take it to the service soon as I save money for examination. I'll keep you posted.


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