Flip 3d

Cool, there's a couple of bugs.

1. Get 2 or more apps grouped in your taskbar. Hover you moose on that icon group and move it on up along the grouped apps' previews and leave the mouse on a grouped preview, like this. Finally, press win-tab, you're gonna see your current window (not the desktop image!) in the Flip3D background. Enjoy !

2. Quite sometimes when you release win, suddenly the window from where you started to flip appears in front of you for a moment, a kind of ugly flash! I often see it with the MS "Chess Titans" running.

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If you use the Quick Launch bar, you can add the link for Switch between windows (Flip 3D) located in the c:\users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Internet explorer\Quick Launch with no ill effects.

Not sure if you can pin it to to the "superbar"

Reghakr, thanks, but the ill effects are still present sometimes. As for the Flip3D shortcut in the superbar, we already know how to do that.

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