Fluctuating sound?


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I have noticed that when I get an Instant Message, my volume goes down a little bit, like its trying to get my attention, and then it goes right back up to where it was. Anyone know how to fix this? :( It's annoying.


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Just figured it out. Windows 7 has a new communications utility that automatically adjusts the volume when you get any kind of communication, like a phone call or something.

To deactivate it, go to Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Sound
Click the communcations tab and select DO NOTHING.

Easy fix. Whew. I thought this was going to be a pain.


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Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts. as you're experiencing now

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.

There i poll going on now and "clean" install is winning by a mile,.