Folder can be searched but refuses to appear in Explorer

I am using the Simplified Chinese version of Windows 7. I wanted to save a file I downloaded under a category "Worship Music" but I could not find that folder at all! I was very sure this folder is available, so I did a search for it - and found the files. I could play the mp3 files within the search results, but "D:/Music/Worship Music" simply refuses to display, even though that's what the Properties of these mp3 files claim.

Any suggestions?


Can you access the folder if you type in :

D:/Music/Worship Music ?

You probably don't have permissions to access that folder.

Same thing, only the list of files, but not the folder. I am the System Administrator of my own computer, using the System Administrator account!

Can you access D:/Music, can you see the Worship Music folder in it ?

(Folder => Properties => Security, permissions)


1. Double-click "D:/Music" and locate "Worship Music" (it may be hidden) folder, for which you want to change the permission.

2. Right-click it and click "Properties." Click the "Security" tab and click the "Advanced" tab.

3. Select the user to change to in the "Permission entries" window. Click "Edit" and select the permissions allowed or denied by the selected user. Click "OK" to save the changes.

4. Click "OK" and "OK" again to close the Advanced Options.

The very first screenshot I gave in the attached document is precisely that - D:/Music, and no, it does not appear.

I have also checked the permissions - I have been given all permissions to access this folder! Argh! I'm starting to tear my hair out! I wish I have an English version! I may have a pretty good command of the Chinese language but my primary language is English!


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