Folder completely moved all files+folders within/unorganized everything/URGENT!!

Ok, i accidentally dragged my main folder with all of my stuff in it into a folder next to it. I clicked undo move but here is what happened. I open my folder, every folder within that folder was gone but those subfolder's contents were still there, just completely unorganized. Now every program i have in it is useless for they cannot locate the run files. I had about 15 programs and there is a total of 2,791 files in this thing. I tried system restore but that didn't work. How do i get my folders back and organized?!!!! help please. I have some major projects in here that i can't let go to waste.

actually i figured it out. Turns out a photo editing program i had somehow took over some of the display. sadly that program was deleted so i couldn't uninstall. so i goto regedit typed in program name and deleted everything...1 by 1. but thanks for the help

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