Windows 7 Folder Details in Explorer Status Bar


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I have been using Windows 7 for the past few months, and I am very happy with it. I have worked in the IT/MIS field and for years all you would get out of me when it came to windows would be gripes about this or that.. Many of my overall problems with Windows as an OS (Security Issues, The need to re-install every few months, etc) seem to have been addressed with this release... :D

Anyway, my question is simple.. Is there any way to get the status bar in Windows Explorer (My Computer) to show the total file size of a directory when you click on it? I noticed all it seems to tell me is the number of files found in that directory, but previous versions of windows all had this functionality. Why remove it? Is there just some stupid option somewhere that I am not seeing to show the total size of the files contained in a folder in the status bar? is this something that hopefully in the final release will be worked out? I have attached a screen shot showing what I am talking about just in the off chance you need a visual of what I am talking about..

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