Folder icon is low resolution now

Ok this is my problem:
My computer has change all the folder icons (the standard ones) into a low resolution version of the same icon :confused:

The folders open or selected change the icon to the high resolution but then they got back to the low res again after deselect them :mad:.
The problem is the same using Windows Explorer except when I make the icons bigger, then they become high res again (is like only small icons have low color resolution)

The only different thing I did was play Diablo2 with 256 colors but the icons are like that even restarting the computer.

Any idea of how can I fix it???
I think they are the same icon but the low color version but I don't know why windows don't restore them.


I know I'm reviving a long-dead thread, but I'm having exactly the same problem as OP! I even noticed it after Diablo 2 as well. Nowhere else in the whole Internet have I found a word about this problem but here. Maybe in 6 years somebody have found a solution? maybe you, @superivaj have found it (though I doubt you'll even know I posted here...). I know there're small chances but every hope counts. Can anybody solve this problem?

Here is fragment of screenshot with these weird folder icons:


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