Folder icons in Save dialogbox disappear

Hi guys,

Need some help...

I have a strange problem while saving documents... the problem is that if i select Large or Extra Large icon view , the folder icons disappear in the save dialog box.

Medium icons OK, Large not OK.
large.png medium.png

I searched a lot of websites, forums, but no luck finding a solution.

Please help.

Thank you!


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Hi qazmlp and Welcome to The Forum.

Have you at any time used custom icons to replace the generic icons?

Delete your Thumbcache files with the Disk Cleanup Utility (Press Start, (My) Computer, Right click C: Drive (your Main or System Drive), Properties, Click on the Disk Clean Up button). Thumbnails is one of the options you can choose to clean up.

Then delete your (hidden) IconCache.db which you'll find in your C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local folder.

Finally re-start.

That may (only may) cure it.

Unfortunately that doesn't work, already tried that.
I haven't change the default icons.
I also tried creating a new account on the PC, but the same issue occurs.


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What screen size are you using? perhaps an adjustment there to a larger size will do the trick.

Using 1920x1080


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Have you changed the Text Size (DPI) setting?

It looks like the icons come from the same shell32.dll. But you might try right clicking the select properties and see if one of them will allow you to change the icon.

Other than that, possibly run a system file check or update your video drivers..

If you select large icons on the desktop, do they disappear? Or basically is it just the save to RAMDRIVE that is having the problem?

Haven't change the DPI settings.

I can change the icon for any folder, but they disappear to.

Using the latest video driver.

In explorer or desktop i don't have this problem , only in the save dialogbox (not just the ramdrive, any partition).


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I suppose I should ask, the snipits you posted show saving from Firefox. Does IE do the same thing?

It's from Firefox, but IE and Chrome also does the same.

This is already driving me insane, looks like i'll have to reinstall Windows to fix it (maybe...).


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I wouldn't go as far as a re-install....Yet.

I'd first try an sfc /scannow as Saltgrass suggested. That should repair corrupted system files.

Next I'd try a repair install from within Windows 7. This puts your system back to "as new" but leaves your user account and installed software as the currently are.

Thanks guys , will try that in the weekend...see what happens.


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Sorry to ask so many individual questions, but I could not think of them all at the same time.

If you use the Save As option in something like Word, does it also not show the icons? I am just trying to narrow down where the basis for the problem might be. If it is only browsers, that would be a hint.

Since you say the icons work normally in Windows Explorer, we know the icons are there. So possibly it is related to something involving some type of access using just a browser. It they don't work in Word (or some other non-browser), then it might be something related to the Save-As dialog window.

There were a lot of discussions about thumbnails in some of my research. Since these are not just basic icons, but might be actually show some of the content in the folders, maybe changing the way thumbnails or icons are handled might have some effect.

Looks like you are on to something...
Haven't got Word on my PC, but i tried other programs.
Sharpdevelop (not OK), Nero (not OK). However Notepad and Wordpad are working correctly(the icons don't disappear) I'm wondering what is the difference ? Are they using a different save dialogbox ? (i'm not sure, but i think it's a system file, a DLL?).

notepad.png shdev.png


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In the Control Panel - Default programs, what do you have set as your default for Jpeg files.

Windows Photo Viewer


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In one of the last attachments, you are saving a .txt file and the other one a .cs file. Have you tried to use an all files configuration or a different format.

Can you save as in Paint for it to work. Just wondering if it is related to image type of files. But it just seems like something is missing from your system, or has been replaced with something else. Do you have any image manipulation programs on your system and any updates for those?

You might try going to the Folder options under the View tab and select "Always show icons, never thumbnails" to see if it makes a difference.


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What I am thinking is that details shown in Extra Large and Large Icons will include the actual file details of what is contained within. In my attachment, you can see the actual first page of the .pdf file. If your system is not able to produce the image, possibly preview, it might not be able to display the icon. I do not know how the details are achieved, but since you seem to be into programing, you might.

Different Icons may behave differently. For example, on the icon of my Sample Music folder, you can see the detail all the way down to the Medium Icon, but not on ones made using some type of preview or thumbnail overlay.

I did not realize you can change the size of a Extra Large icon by holding CTRL and using the mouse wheel. Since the Extra Large icons are .png files, maybe that is why. I might start using the Extra Large icons more.


It is very strange, because some programs work, some don't (ie. Paint,Notepad,Wordpad... work, while oders (all Browsers,Nero, etc. don't).
If I remember correctly Win XP. "stored" the save dialogbox in a DLL file, and there used to be 2 different DLL-s for that, now i need to find out what DLL-s is Windows 7 using... :confused:

You mentioned scrolling while holding CTRL, while scrolling once the icons get smaller they appear (with all the details) , but once they get larger they disappear.

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