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When I upgraded to Vista I had a folder system which had been developed over many years and had no interest in Vistas pre installed sytem, so I installed my old file system named UserName in C:\Users\LoginName\Documents\UserName. This turned out to be a poor choice. Now I want to move to a new Windows 7 computer which I have had for a few months. I am considering a location that would be more convenient and wonder if C:\UserName would be a reasonable choice. Microsoft's choices in Windows 7 and Office 2010 are not appealing to me. I am looking for suggections.

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Re: Folder Loocation

I have always followed the industry standard (which was established in days before Windows) of keeping software and data totally separate. My system drive contains nothing but system software, installed applications and associated system files. All data is stored on a separate drive (physical or logical). This means that my system drive occupies only 40gb (and 10gb of that is free). This minimises the image files generated by Acronis True Image which I use to maintain backup images of the system drive on the data drive. It also enables me to recover the system drive including op sys, all installed apps, all updates, drivers etc in just a matter of minutes. Because I have taken control of my own backup and recovery strategy I have system restore turned off which further saves on system storage and other resources. All the user data which is stored on the system drive is free of all the constraints imposed by the My "this" and My "that" folders generated under Windows - I've never used any of them. All in all an infinitely more efficient, robust and maintainable structure.

Re: Folder Loocation

When I used Windows XP another hard drive was used for personal files, but I found it somewhat inconvenient because Windows tended to look for items in the drive with the opewrating system (whether a hard drive or a logical partition on the same hard drive). I don't use My Ducuments or the others provided. I have a folder named Winword which includes many folders for different uses. Others inclde Excel, Access, Quicken, Eudora, etc. While it is fine for MS to provde a system for people who don't want to set up their own folder system, it is oppressive to more or less try to force their ideas on everyone.. I have used Cromemco Dos (CDOS), Cromix (a simple Unix like system) and Xenix before going to Windows. The only reason for changing to Windows was the programs available for it.

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