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Maybe I'm not wording it properly when searching the forum, but I'm having a few Windows 7 issues lately.
For the past couple months my folders ALL open to "large icon" view I'll switch to details view but the next time I open the folder it's back to large icon. Strangely enough, the only folder that doesn't behave that way is my download folder that's pinned to my taskbar. Other than that it's large icons all the time and it's getting REALLY annoying. This seems like an easy fix but I for the life of me can't figure it out.


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After you change the folder, under Tools-Folder Options, View Tab you may be able to click on "Apply to Folders".

It's not remembering ANYTHING. I went to folder options-view and reset folders, but nothing changed


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You have to remember, not all folders are alike. If you open the Windows folder, select a different view, close it and reopen, it does not remember the choice you just made?

Are there specific folders you are looking at?

Here's a perfect example. I have specific folder in my desktop called optimization utilities with ccleaner,speccy, speedfan, that type of stuff. But everytime I open the folder I get Large documents....every time. Then I set it back to details and close the folder. I just did all that with a few folders and everything seems to bee working fine. I'll post when they change again.

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