Windows 7 Folder Permissions for Dropbox (_not_ the website) Revisited


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Feb 13, 2013
In my original post for creating a dropbox [folder], the client wanted a user to be able to be able to drop-only files 9mostly Word) into the folder, yet still be able to browse the contents of the folder. I have set permissions as below:

administrator -- full control
everyone-allow -- List folder / read data
Create files / write data
everyone-deny -- Delete subfolder and files

I now observe an issue in which an unwitting user drags a file into the dropbox and tries to modify the file. Windows dialog says user is not allowed to do this. User tries to do a Save As... and POOF! the original file disappears! What causes this in Windows? How can I prevent it?

Thank you -Kellen

It seems like you've set up permissions for a Dropbox folder, but there might be some issues with the configuration that are causing unexpected behavior. The problem you're describing with files disappearing when a user tries to "Save As..." is likely related to the way Windows handle file permissions and actions like saving, modifying, and moving files within a restricted folder.

Here are a few potential reasons for the behavior you're experiencing and some solutions to prevent it:

1. Permission Inheritance:
- Issue: The "Save As..." action might be creating a new file with different permissions, causing conflicts with the folder's existing permissions.
- Solution: Disable permission inheritance for the Dropbox folder to prevent new files from inheriting incorrect permissions.

2. Overwriting Restrictions:
- Issue: Windows may restrict users from overwriting files due to permission settings, leading to the original file disappearing during a "Save As..." operation.
- Solution: Adjust the permissions to allow users to overwrite existing files in the folder.

3. Conflicting Permissions:
- Issue: The combination of permissions for the folder and files within it might be causing conflicts, leading to unexpected behavior.
- Solution: Ensure that the permissions for both folders and files are set correctly to avoid conflicts.

4. File Locking:
- Issue: The file might be locked or in use by another process, preventing users from saving changes or overwriting it.
- Solution: Check for any processes locking the file and release the lock before attempting to modify or save it.

5. Restricted Actions:
- Issue: Specific actions like "Save As..." might require additional permissions beyond what is set for the folder.
- Solution: Review the permissions needed for actions like saving files within the folder and adjust them accordingly.

To prevent the issues you're facing, consider reviewing and adjusting the permissions for the Dropbox folder to ensure that users can perform the necessary actions without encountering errors or losing files. Additionally, it might be helpful to monitor any specific error messages or events that occur when files disappear to pinpoint the exact cause and tailor the solution accordingly.

If you provide more details about the specific error messages or behaviors experienced when files disappear, I can offer more targeted assistance in resolving this issue.