Windows 7 Folder shorcut opens incorrectly through Word 2010.


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I have a Windows 7 machine with a new install maybe 2 months old. I create a shortcut either by right clicking the folder and sending a shortcut to the desktop or by manually creating one. The shortcut works fine when you just click on it, but when you go to open a document in Word 2010 and try to use the shortcut, the "Location not available" message pops up. I know why this is happening. The shortcut goes to C:\Program Files\[folder], when that message comes up it looks like it is trying to open the same path but C:\Program Files(x86)\[folder], which doesn't exist. Why is it changing the path? I was just wondering if anyone had seen this before as Google has yielded nothing.

Clicking on the file should open Word, and clicking on a shortcut to that file should do the same thing. I don't think I have ever tried opening a Word document using a shortcut that referenced the actual document.

If you put documents in locations other than the default Word locations, would it help to add such a location to your libraries? Or you could change the default folder locations in Word.

Right click on a Word Document and go to properties general, select Change in the open with box and set the file format to always open from the correct Word.exe file location.

See if that helps.

I do have links directly to Word Documents on my desktop.
All that I've found necessary was to have them linked to open in Word it didn't really matter where the document was stored as long as document had not been moved.