folder views will not stay to what i set them to, like on XP

folder views will not stay to what i set them to, like on XP.

whenever i go to "my documents" for example, and then change the view to details, and then go to photos and make that view thumbnails, and go back to docs, the docs are now in the same view as photos. it does this for all folders.

in xp, all changes i made to folders would stay.

i've read and tried several things but have not been able to fix it.

im using win7 pro, with all current updates.

any fixes?:eek:

The order stays the way I leave it here. If I sort on file size.. next time I come back, the folder files are still sorted that wasy. Maybe I'm not understanding your situation... I don't have documents and photos in the same folder. Can you post a screen shot? (press print screen... open paint, click in the window and press ctrl + V then save as .jpg to desktop)

dmorgan924 was not saying he had docs + fotos in the same folder, it's a case of opening each separate folder, setting its preferred view but when I re-open that folder the view has been changed. I want my Pictures folder to open in Large Icons each time I open it and I want my Documents folder to open in Details view each time I open it. Similarly I want the column sizes to permanently remain at Size All Columns To Fit after I set it thus. Why is this such a huge problem, surely it only needs a tweak from Microsoft to sort it out.

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