Font looks weird after formatting

I've formatted my laptop a few days ago and thought that some fonts in some websites looked weird compared to before, I thought I was just being paranoid and that it was my imagination, but after a few days where I couldn't stop to think that, I took a printscreen in the other pc on the house and comparing side to side to mine it as clear as day that it's different

On the left it's how mine is, on the right how the other PC is(and how it was before in mine).

Any idea on how to solve that? All I did was formatting and installing most of the programs that was installed before on the laptop, I didn't tweaked the fonts or anything. Oh, also this is not specific to a browser, the font on internet explorer or firefox looks exactly the same. I tried resetting to default and checked that the font used is Segoe UI size 9.

Any help is welcome, I really don't want to have to spent hours formatting it again, downloading programs I already deleted the setup, and install it all again :tongue:

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Although it looks fine now on the sites I usually visit, I'm a little curious, how many fonts is Windows 7 supposed to list? Mine is listing 199 now.


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Mine lists approx. 140 but that is with all non-Latin fonts removed. If I remember rightly your fonts folder will be around 350mb in size on a default set-up, including about 250mb of "hidden" fonts on an English based system.

My folder is 698MB big, it probably duplicated the files for the fonts already there when I did the tweak I posted above


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"My folder is 698MB big, it probably duplicated the files for the fonts already there when I did the tweak I posted above."

It shouldn't duplicate the fonts, when you try to install a font that you already have, it usually tells you that it's already there.

That's beats me, I have 547 fonts.
Most of my fonts are Adobe Type One Fonts that I've had for years through many computers.

Almost no True Type fonts anymore, and a few Type One fonts which are the new ones.

Here is a free utility that everyone should have.
What I love about it is that it's very simple but you can type in anything you want and see how it looks in any font on your computer all on one screen.
Great for picking fonts for a particular job.

FontViewOK - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads


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