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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem that I've only just noticed because there hasn't been a time for me to install fonts until today.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and I had to do a reformat about a week ago. I just noticed an odd thing with regards to the fonts shortcut in control panel that has never happened's just not there. It's the same if I use GodMode and I can't open the font window/manager.

I've attached a screenshot of what I exactly mean.

Secondly, for some reason fonts I installed the old fashioned way by dragging/dropping them into C:\Windows\Fonts aren't getting recognised by any application and all I see is the default fonts which is frustrating since some one has asked me a favour and I need to do a few projects in Adobe Photoshop CS5 as well as Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Not really wanting to face the prospect of reinstalling Windows 7 again and everything else..but if push comes to shove I guess I wouldn't have a choice.

I hope some one can help and thanks in advance.



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A couple of registry keys for you to check.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don't load.

Is this a recent disappearance of your Fonts control panel applet? Can you load Fonts through the Fonts folder at C:\Windows?

Thanks for the reply.

I looked in the registry for those keys but they seem to not exist, same for my netbook's registry (which my netbook also has Ultimate 32-bit, which the font applet does show on my netbook's control panel) and I'm installing Win7 as a guest in VirtualBox right now.

It's recent in that it's the first time this as happened...I can't honestly say how recent since doing a fresh install a week ago though, I only noticed it because I needed to install fonts for the first time. Could be right from install or anytime without my knowing.

I've been using Windows 7 since the Betas, RC and launch...never had this problem until now so I'm stumped.

At the moment I'm using FontFrenzy to manage/install fonts. It's doing an okay job but not too fond of doing that on a regular/permanent basis since I try to keep the amount of software to a minimum.

As for loading fonts through C:\Windows\Fonts...yeah, loadings fine....the fonts just don't seem to get registered/recognised if that makes any sense.


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Those (especially the second) were two registry keys to hide the fonts applet (folder) so I'm glad you haven't got those.
But now I'm stuck! I once had my fonts "disappear" but luckily a Restore Point of 3 hours previous put them back so I never dug any deeper.
Sorry can't be of further help :(

Maybe it's just some kind of fluke, I have that kind of luck...I'll probably partition my hard drive since I always try to keep 50% free, install Windows 7 and if everything's good..move data.

Thanks for the help either way, it was/is appeciated! :)

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