Fonts have all disappeared :(


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So a bit of a self inflicted problem here. I installed a MASSIVE font pack, about 90,000 fonts (I thought it could handle it, so why not) and it's only been downhill from there. All my Adobe software was no longer functional so I went to uninstall the fonts, but I guess there are so many that the Font folder is showing up empty, saying 0 files, and I can't figure out how to remove them if I can't see them :(

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Oh yah, the fonts are there because I tried to install just one and it asked me if I wanted to overwrite it, I said yes, then after about 3 seconds, it too disappeared


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Well a restore has fixed the problem, but of course set me back into the stone age. Anyone have any idea how many fonts win7 can actually handle?


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Last I read anything about it, I believe a few hundred is support easily...however the article I read said that you can expect unpredictable behavior some where near the 800 mark. You definitely need to purchase a font manager program so you can keep the extra fonts out of your windows font folder.

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