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    FinalWire AIDA64 Unveiled; Replaces Lavalys EVEREST | FinalWire AIDA64,Lavalys EVEREST,Replaces,FinalWire AIDA64 Unveiled; Replaces Lavalys EVEREST

    Upgrading from EVEREST

    FinalWire provide free upgrade path for EVEREST customers until October 20, 2010. For terms and conditions, visit Free upgrade to AIDA64 | AIDA64.
    Pricing and Availability

    Everest is now AIDA64:

    Overview | AIDA64 Extreme Edition | CPU Benchmark | System Stability Test | PC Tuning

    If you have a lic. copy of Everest (expired or not) it's a free upgrade:

    Free upgrade to AIDA64 | AIDA64

    If you want to keep custom settings from Everest, un-check Everest 'Start with Windows', re-boot and follow directions here:

    Easy Transition from Everest to AIDA64 - AIDA64 Discussion Forum

    Knock yourselves out....

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