Forced into safe mode?

Whenever I attempt to start Windows normally the login screen doesn't show, it's just black. Then when I login it just shows the backround but none of my programs show up nor does the task bar. If I ctrl-alt-del the screen goes black once more. I know everything is there because it all shows up in safe mode. I was wondering if anyone had come across this incedent and if there's a fix.

Also, before this started happening a few things occured. One, I was restarting my computer after updates but instead of logging in I just shut down the computer so I could take it to a LAN. Second, while using the StumbleUpon app on Firefox I stumbled onto an attack site. Firefox caught it quickly and it didnt finish its "scan" so I'm hoping I'm fine. I'm currently running a scan through AVG because McAfee doesn't install. And finally I'm running version 7100.

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