Forget XP And Vista, Windows 7 Is Your New OS


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Consumers and business customers are moving past Windows XP and Windows Vista, with Microsoft noting that Windows 7’s adoption rate is through the roof.

The Redmond company even has the numbers to prove it, with Rich Reynolds, general manager of Windows Commercial Product Marketing at Microsoft underpinning the fact that 240 million Windows 7 licenses have already been sold to date.

But there are additional statistics coming from third-party sources, all illustrative of a consensus, the most successful operating system in history continues to sell like hot cake.

Net Applications is crediting Windows 7 with a market share of 18.33% at the end of October 2010, with XP having dropped under the 60% mark to 58.92%, and Vista down to 12.93%.

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the real stats I'd like to see is the percentage of home users that made the jump vs businesses.


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I am one of those home users and the ability to move icons anywhere inside my computer for whatever reasons i deem necessary has been left out so i am not a happy bunny at all.

This will be a deal-breaker if not fixed within the first service pack. If not fixed at all then i will move over to MAC where i can also learn a totally new GUI like the transition from XP to 7 was, is, and will be.


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move icons about? explain that a bit more...


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So your reason for NOT liking Windows 7 is because "ability to move icons anywhere" on your computer? Seriously? I think your making up stuff to justify a reason to move to MAC.

BTW, you can't just move icons around without affecting some functionality. If you move the wrong icon around inside MacOSX, you could also damage something.


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I was quite hesitant to upgrade to Windows 7 last year because I really loved XP and had everything I needed there. I even ignored Vista because I wasn't at all convinced by its features. I tried to hold on to XP for as long as I could, but when I tested a couple of PCs with Windows 7 installed, I found the new features to be useful and realized an upgrade was necessary. I'm very satisfied with my new OS now and looking forward to the SPs that Microsoft will be releasing. :)

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