forgotten password

I have two 7 RC's installed on my hdd. My wife has put a logon password on one of them and forgotten it. I really need to get back into that install, it has my Office 2007 suite loaded into it. Can anyone help me to clear or change the password. If not, how can i share the Office suite between the two installs. Please help. Thanks in advance, Jeff

When these passwords are set up there is a requirement to set up a password hint I take it this was no help? I think after you enter the wrong password once the option for a hint comes up.
You can log in in safe mode (i think) but if this is the administrator account i know of no way to change the password without already having the password.

no option

There was and is no option for a password hint. After the first wrong attempt an option to reset the password comes up, with help of the password disk, which was not created.

strange on my other system (the one i'm not typing on) the hint is right above the option to reset and i didn't think 7 would accept the password without entering a hint but I've been mistaken before.
Is this the only user account on the machine?
If you remember setting up an administrator password on install? this may be the one you need to reset or remove the account password in safe mode.
I would not be surprised (but don't take my word for it this is CONJECTURE on my part) if there is no way to get around this without the administrator password or a reset disc this behavior is largely designed to combat cold boot attacks and would be useless if easily circumvented.

no option

Nope, there is no option there. I didn't set up an admin account either, but I did on the other install. I have tried the vista password hacks, they say they have cleared the password, but they don't work. Thanks for helping

I just read another post on this forum that suggests that re booting into safe mode will allow you to go into control panel and create a second administrator account with which you can begin to undo the damage. (just repeatedly press F8 after POST and you will be presented with the safe mode options)

safe mode

Thanks, I will try that again. I am having a hard time getting into safe mode, when I choose which OS to load it's usually too quick, but I'll find a way, thanks again

You have to just press the F8 button repeatedly like your life depends on it after the bootloader screen. Should all else fail if you hard crash the system with the power button (not recommended but it's been done before) and you will be presented with the option since windows assumes you had a power failure.

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