formating shrunk partition

hi all i have shrunk my windows partition so now i have 2 partitions, the thing is can i format the c drive to reinstall windows and still keep all the programs and files on the d drive without losing then all, cheers paul.


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As long as you backup everything to the spare partition there should be no isses, although there will be many applications that require reinstallation for things like codecs, registry entries etc... same will apply to many games if they have serials etc.

cheers m8 there is only setup files on there, so is the procedure like an fdisk as in thay are two seperate disks.


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essentially yes, windows installer will ask to select which partition to install windows to, it will display the volume size and name so not hard to spot correct one to use, and C: will be assigned automatically the windows volume.

cheers john a great help.

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