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Hi, I own an Asus laptop, its original win version is windows 7 home premium.
I upgraded to win 10 when it was free, now i'm interested in formatting my laptop but i want to keep the windows 10.
Is it possible? How?

By you mean to clean install windows 10? If so then yes....just download MS media creation tool and following the instructions. Pretty easy.

Windows 10

I want to delete the entire C drive- format it, and get back the windows 10.
I downloaded and used the media creation tool with a flash drive.
Can you walk me through the steps on how to do the process?


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  • Download the media creation tool
  • Select the "Another PC" option with a flash drive plugged in
  • The tool will create the bootable usb drive
  • Boot to the usb drive
  • Follow the prompts


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Once you have installed Windows 10 and logged into you Microsoft account and confirmed you registration you can reinstall Windows 10 as many times as you like.

It will authenticate it when you log into your account.

So all you have to do it what Neemo says.

You don't have to format the drive as the installation process will do that anyway.
Just make sure that anything on the drive that you want is backed up, like your favorites and images etc.



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It is possible. You need to format hard drive before using it, but if you want to keep Windows 10 on the hard drive, you should partition hard drive on Windows 10 before formatting. Then, you can format hard drive in Windows 10 and keep your Windows 10 at the same time.

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