Tomorrow I want to uninstall windows XP and install windows 7 64 bit.
My question is . When I go to the partitions I have to delete all of them and have the huge one 500 GB then I should format the 500 GB or first split it to 2 different partitions ( because I want to have C and D ) First to format the 500 GB and then split it or first to split them and format them separately? Thank you for the help .


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Splitting (also called partitioning) is done first, then you an format the two new partitions (also called logical drives). You will not be able to do all this under Windows of course as you will be removing the partition on which Windows is installed. You will need to create a bootable dvd based partition manager such as Easeus partition manger which you can download free from here:

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Yea, I know that . I've already made the dvd and I am just waiting to get my ram tomorrow and upgrade to 64 :p Thx for the help. That's all I wanted to know :)


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You can do most of that during the install. Just choose disk options before you tell it where to install, so you can partition and format. This may allow the system to add the extra 100 MB partiton for the system files. If you don't want that, you will need to preformat so the install will not be able to add it.

Something else you can do, on the page after you select a language and before you click "Install", you can use a Shift+F10 key combination to open a command window and run Diskpart. If you don't feel like running a command line utility, you can do as Pat suggests.

But one question, is your Windows 7 install DVD a Full Retail version, or an Upgrade version? If it is an upgrade, when you clean the drive might be relevant.

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