Hi there! I am new to this forum and I apologise in advance if this is a question covered a zillion times already! Am having problems finding previous posts (probably as I am not familiar with correct terminology).

However, we are on a network here and several of our older PCs are experiencing memory problems using Windows 7. These PCs have 35GB and have next to nothing stored in the hard drive, apart from the software, which include Windows 7 and Office 2010 (Basic).

If I check the Properties for the Windows component, it is showing up to 17GB alone.

Does this sound correct?

We are a small business and do not have in-house IT.
However, I have already paid several times to have our outsourced IT guys look at these particular PCs. They seem to get them working again, but it is not long until the same old error messages occur.

Rather than pay another few hundred dollars to have them come out again, I was wondering if there are obvious things I can do to get these PCs running better.

Maybe you could just head me off in the right direction?

Many thanks for any help.


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Looks like you are talking about disk space, not memory. To get an idea what is on your C partition (which is really too small), do the following:

1 Run WinDirstat for C. That will tell you how much space the system and user files take.

2. Run Command Prompt as admin (it is in All Programs Accessories). Then type or paste this command and hit Enter

vssadmin list shadowstorage

Look for the Allocated number.

Post the totals from 1) and 2) here and then we'll see.

It would also be useful if you could post a full picture of your Disk Management. Example:


Hi and thank you for response.
The attached may help?
I had problem running the shadow storage.
Whilst downloading WinDirstat, I also loaded and ran RegisteryBooster, which found 182 errors and corrected them.
Thanks for your help.



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1. You probably could not run vssadmin because you were not running cmd in elevated mode (run as admin)

2. The pictures you uploaded are unreadable. Next time store them in .png. And the WinDirStat picture is not complete. Most of the colored part is compressed. You have to move the border.

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