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I am sorry if this is in the incorrect forum, but I was totally unable to track down the correct method of submitting a bug report.
I tried the help desk, as advised, and got this:
"» Question
I have found a bug on your website. How do I report it?
» Answer

Before you submit a bug report, please ensure that it is really a bug, and not just a problem with your computer. To do this, you may want to try using the website with a different web browser, with your Internet cache cleared, or on a different computer. If you can duplicate the problem over and over, please submit the bug as a support ticket or through 'Contact Us'.

The support ticket method is now preferred. "

Not being very bright, I was unable to find how to launch a "ticket". "Contact us ", would not have worked, as I wanted feedback.

The fault was tried with four different browsers, with the same error. Of course, referring to the instructions above, this does not confirm, either way, if this is a bug at my end or the site end, but it is the same error on three different computers.

Anyway, the error. I have a habit of opening forums I do not wish to see in "New Posts", and using the sub option "Mark this forum as read". I find that this function is not working. If I then go back to "New posts", the forum is still there, as Not read. Would any member/moderator, confirm this?


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Ok forget this bit "Not being very bright, I was unable to find how to launch a "ticket". "Contact us ", would not have worked, as I wanted feedback." - It was staring at me.


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Probably the reason for that is Mike has been experimenting with the sites plug-ins to see what if any are slowing the site. So there's a good chance it was turned off for a while. I did manage to chat with Mike yesterday and he's now turned many of these plug-ins back on.