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Hello everyone,

Surfing through the site I had noticed there is no sub-forum for XP for Tips/Tweaks/Guides/Customizations, etc:

I know there is a lot of people, including myself, that still use XP often enough to make occasional changes.

I have quite a few tips and customization tips to add, but no where to put them.

So, what do you think?


Don :cool:


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Hey Don,

We have discussed these issues in the past and eventually settled on the reality that it wouldn't be used enough and also simply because this is ;)

However I will bring this issue up at the next staff meeting to see what's possible :)

Thanks for the suggestion,
Mitchell Anthony
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Best place right now is: Link Removed - Invalid URL

We do not get much XP chat and discussion, but these tips can be helpful. Most likely a tip, how-to, walkthrough, or FAQ would be stickied in that area if it was fleshed out properly. You are more than welcome to post in this area, as we also have several XP-related support domain names going to this area directly. Further, it is understood that many people do land on this page, but due to the site being a Windows 7 site in general, many people prefer to go to a XP topic-oriented site instead.

However, this should not undermine our desire to see all operating systems discussed on *this* site, save perhaps, Windows 8, for which we have set up an entirely separate site for such matters and developments. As we tend to look at all forums as having some value, it is important to stress that we can certainly try to accommodate your desire to post XP related information.

We can also bring this up as a matter of discussion as Mitchell suggested. Thank you, Don.


U.S.Navy D.A.V.
Thanks Mitchell and Mike for responses.
Yes, I understand this "is" a Windows 7 forum and a very good one, thought I'd ask anyway.

@ Mike; Thanks for the suggestion. I'll post to the XP section and of course they can be moved at a later date if necessary.

Thanks again guys,