Found a fix for IE8 not obtaining far!!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by makroman, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Ok, i just replied to "cant obtain Ip" several minutes ago. Well, thinking to myself as some stated that they drank and fixed issue...LOL i thought lets quit trying the obvious and do soemthing off the wall.

    Here is what I did: open IE>tools>internet options>connections tab>Lan settings

    Ok, It should be set to automatically detect settings since I use Road Runner, righ? It does obtain an IP through DHCP?
    I Unchecked "Automatically detect swttings"
    I then checked "Use automatic configuration script"....then closed the browser
    Re-opened IE and WOW! to my surprise a beautiful Homepage Appeared!
    I went back into the Lan settings and nothing is checked now. I havent checked "Automatically detect settings again , but I wonder what will happen............???

    Ok, I did change the settings back to automatically detect and it works! The wierd thing was, I had a window pop-up as if I just installed IE8 for the first time......hmmm? I believe that when this came up the first time when I intalled Windows 7,I chose to do it later. But I went ahead and chose to do it Now this time. Could this be where MS needs to do some bug fixing? have others done the same as I did?

    Hey Microsoft......I helped you, where noone has seemed to fix this issue.....I just got laid-off from my job and can use some about it? Email me, lets talk. Come on now, throw me a few bones! I dont need much, just enough to get by on. A JOB would be cool too!
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    its strange huh. i posted something similar earlier, it seems by just opening the lan settings menu it fixes it. ive had to do this a couple of times now.

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