Windows 7 Fps problem in counter strike source

Hi all,
I'm happy earner of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 BIT, but I've got one problem.
Sometimes I get not much FPS in Counter Strike Source. In Windows Vista HOme PRemium 32 BIT, I ' dont remember this situation
maybe that I haven't played on it for a long time.
I've patch 18.3 installed. I have seen this problem on map cs_militia.
I have on this map from 20 - 60 FPS.
On dust_2 I get from 70-100 FPS, on dust I get 60-70 FPS.
It was checked by FRAPS.
My video settings:
ALL for MAX, exception is ANTYALIASING which is set to NONE and ANIZO which is set to Trinear. My resolution is set to 1440x900.
My configuration:
Notebook Asus F3Sa - Intel Centrino T8300 2,4 GHZ, ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600, 3 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD and efficency index or my laptop is (in polish):

In Vista I have the same result (4,7).
How should I fix my problem with FPS?

I have newest Catalyst 9.12 installed.

Merry Christmas!

Please reply me FAST :)


Take CARE :)


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Have you tried running in compatibility mode?

No I haven't because it was running great on Vista.
What do you think?


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I'd give it a try at least.. I'd also check with the counter strike source forum as there will be information that could help too

try new drivers(9.12 hotfix best drivers for my pc) this game work great on my pc and windows 7 ultimate :D i have problems with prototype and low fps i have 20-30 on that game and i don't know why is that low

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