Free Agent external hard drive not recognized by Vista

recently installed Vista Home Premium 64-bit. My Free Agent 500GB external hard drive is having problems, occurring randomly:

drive not recognized on Device Manager
drive recognized, but showing as empty
light blinking steadily on drive
light blinking crazily, turning off, turning on (this just today, with a subsequent notice that "Device driver software was not successfully installed: USB mass storage device ready to use/generic storage device USB device ready to use-unidentified device: device unplugged

Several times I've unplugged and replugged the drive, and it's recognized, no problems, but on reboot, disappears from device manager again......Any ideas?


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Have you tried using a different USB port? This can sometimes make a difference depending on which ones your currently using e.g. if it's plugged into ports at the front of the pc, try plugging it into the ones at the back..

You could also checkout Seagates page for these drives as they have diagnostic software as well as firmware updates..
Check it out here:

Seagate FreeAgent Family Software Downloads | Seagate

With PC booted, I just now unplugged external drive AC cord, then USB connector, replugged AC cord, then replugged USB connector into different USB port, drive is detected, appears in Device Manager under disk drives......I'll be surprised if this lasts, but will see.....Thanks


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fingers crossed.....:D

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