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I'd like to collect a list of interesting gadget apps that one should give a try with Windows 7.

I'll start with a shopping tool:

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a cute gadget for all amazon shoppers : browsing, MP3 preview and automatic price notification
nice design/look&feel using WPF
I've yet to find any descent gadgets for Windows period. Most of them are poorly designed and intrusive or just plain ugly and look out of place on my desktop. Typically the default gadgets that come with Vista/Windows 7 are functional and give some good information but if you browse through the Windows Live gallery for gadgets most of them are useless. I'd love to find some descent gadgets similar to the selection found for the mac os x widgets with the same style and functionality, for example mini stats for leopard? It provides full details of the HD space, processor temps - wifi signal strength etc etc all condensed into one small widget.
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wouldn't it be need to have a gadget of this forums newest posts? You could click on the one that interests you and go there. Ken