Free Windows 7 Install Disk?


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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on an eMachines laptop and it is stuck in a boot loop after uninstalling Linux.

I searched around for a solution, and I came across many forums saying you need a Windows 7 install disk to repair the boot file.

I talked to my dad and he said that if I have a proof of purchase (Windows is genuine sticker on the bottom of the laptop with the product key) then I should be able to get one for free.

Is this possible? And if so, how would I go about doing this?

If I didn't give enough info. then please let me know.


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You should contact eMachines Support with the genuine product information and they should be able to send you replacement media. The media may be a specific recovery disc that includes drivers for your make and model. Otherwise, if they cannot, you should have them direct you to Microsoft Support for a replacement copy.


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For future reference.

The reason that your computer won't boot is probably because you removed Linux without removing it from your boot menu.

Any time you are dual booting and want to remove one of the operating systems it's necessary to edit the boot menu first.

Then boot the computer into the operating system you are going to use, making sure that it loads directly with no menu before you remove the unwanted one.

A way to do this is with a free program called, EasyBCD, it will let you easily edit you boot menu.

Once you get to where you are now the only easy solution is a OS repair, since you can't get into your computer to change the boot menu. Running the repair should restore the boot menu to the original one OS configuration.


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Thank You for the help guys. I'm buying a disk hopefully tomorrow.

A free disk is not possible.

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If our worthless buffoons in Washington actually want to do something useful for consumers they should force computer makers supply a CLEAN BOOTABLE Windows only disk with all PC sales. The rescue disks most supply are crap because they are all full of bloatware. And if you want to make a slipstreamed disk they are useless. Maybe somebody on some these forums can organize an online partition to congress about this. It really sucks to pay for a PC then you don't have a clean copy of windows for reinstall.

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