Windows 7 Freeze after login - every second time


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I've has a weird issue the last three weeks:

When I start my computer (Windows 7 professional) and login, it freezes after about 2 minutes. Not entirely freezes, but going super-slow, I can see that it changes between open folders after 20 sec if I alt+tab for example.

But when I hold the power-button to shut down to computer and then start it up again, I don't get the same problem. If I restart again the problem comes back.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I assume it's some service or program that starts at the beginning after login that causes it, but what program/service doesn't start after having shut down the computer using the power buttom?

When the problem started, I hadn't done anything special, like installed new drivers or such... just came from nowhere it seemed.

edit: I also tried system restore, but for some reason I only had one restore point a few days earlier; I tried that but without success.

Thanks for any support!
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a couple things you can try

when turning on ure pc keep pressing F8, select safe mode, once the Pc has booted up, go to start, and type in the box msconfig > go to the tab that says start up, untick any programs that start up that are not need for example. java updater, just have basic things like yre antivirus ( nothing like spybot or malwarebytes) , click on ok and reboot

see if it improves?
Thanks for the tip,

I have tried back and forth using msconfig; the result was that if i run "diagnostic startup" the computer works fine,
but if I run with everything not "microsoft service" (all startup programs off and all non-microsoft services off), it doens't (which means that the error is connected to some of the microsoft services running).

I have checked the exact time when it freezes, and then checked the event log, but there is nothing at that time, all events are about 2 minutes earlier.

Any ideá what to try next? I'd rather not trial-and-error all of the services to see which one is faulty or in some way related to the error. There are quite many of them.
It might be hard to track down, but reboots keep some items in memory, which may account for the problem. Perhaps something is conflicting with the additional boot since the memory was not wiped. Maybe you could try shutting down certain items prior to the reboot to see if it has any effect.

I have seen some items, such as hard drives and other types of drivers that have a problem and do not become fully functional until a reboot is preformed.

It might be a anti-virus or some other utility scanning your system or indexing locations.

It might be some network location that the system is searching for and cannot read it correctly.

Some systems have something called Fast Boot which delays the operation of some ports or other devices to allow the system to restart quicker. If there is such a thing in your bios, you might disable it to see if it helps.

You think it is a possibility it is a Microsoft service. Possibly, or perhaps the service is starting something else that is the problem. I believe I show over 100 Microsoft services starting...that will be hard to track down.

If you can't track it down during trial and error, there is a program called Process Monitor from SysInternals. It can monitor the boot and keep a log of what your system is doing. There is a little bit of a learning curve, so let us know if you want to try that.
Hey again,

I actually tracked down the service that was causing or enabled the causing of the error. I added 10 more services that sounded not-so-dangerous, but it happened to be one of them, so I could track it down (after like 7 reboots).

So, right now I have everything running except the "Diagnostic Policy Service" and it's going fine. From what I've read, the only thing it does is helping with troubleshooting, so it seems very strange... but still, I get no more freezes.

Any thoughts?
Maybe kaos would know better, but if the service is trying to troubleshoot some situation, there should be some messages in Event Viewer or the Action Center.

Could you start it then run a performance troubleshooter (or one of the others) in Control Panel - Troubleshooters?

As to keeping it from starting, hard to say what effect if might eventually have on the system.